The European Commission has launched an open consultation to receive feedback from the building renovation stakeholders

According to the European Commission, the construction sector is the largest energy consumer in the continent and is responsible for approximately 40% of the EU energy consumption. For this reason, the building sector renovation will be essential in order to achieve the goals of gas emissions reduction in Europe.

As part of the commitments in the European Green Deal, the European Commission is preparing a Renovation Wave for public and private buildings to address the current low decarbonisation and energy renovation rates across the EU.

With the aim of gathering the views of the key actors of the sector to make this initiative more effective, the European Commission opened the 11th of June a public consultation on boosting the renovation of buildings across Europe. The survey, which you can find it here, aims to receive feedback on the types of buildings its Renovation Wave initiative should focus on.

This initiative is a priority for the recovery plan needed for the European Union after the pandemic situation due to the Covid-19 illness. The project’s goals are optimising building renovation across Europe and encouraging the investment and financing in this sustainable strategy.

The consultation will be open until the 9th of July and aims to gather input from the most relevant stakeholders of the European refurbishment network. This autumn, after the Commission analyses the results of this public survey, the European organization intend to publish a strategic communication and an action plan with concrete measures to deploy faster and deeper renovation.

REZBUILD Project, an initiative backed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, is totally in line with the European climate objectives. The main goal of the initiative is to develop one refurbishment ecosystem based on the integration of cost-effective technologies, business models and life cycle interaction to deep Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) renovation to diverse residential renovation typologies and interconnecting both, building renovation stages and stakeholders.

Started in 2017, REZBUILD Project is driven by a consortium led by Officinae Verdi Group (Italy). The initiative is also integrated by Vias y Construcciones (Spain), MAETRICS (Italy), CARTIF (Spain), ESTIA (France), Comunidad de Madrid (Spain), Saint-Gobain Placo Iberica (Spain), ONYX Solar (Spain), SINTEF (Norway), OBOS (Norway), University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), Rimond (Italy), and ZABALA Innovation Consulting.