Between the 10th and the 12th of June, the members of the consortium of the European initiative participate in a virtual reunion to analyse the situation of the different work packages and decide the following steps

Annually since the project kicked off, REZBUILD’s partners gather in order to discuss the advances that have been taken in the previous 12 months. However, this year’s annual meeting will be different, because it will take place in a virtual way due to the current pandemic situation.

REZBUILD Project, which is backed by H2020 European programme, is aimed to create an innovative renovation ecosystem for Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) in Europe. The members of the consortium of this initiative will analyse between the 10th and 12th of June the results of every partner’s contribution and decide which will be the next steps.

The meeting will start with an introduction and welcome guided by OVERDI, REZBUILD Project’s coordinator. The firm has been also in charge of managing the agenda of the three days event.

After that, the different partners of the initiative will present their advances in the work packages that they are responsible for.

All the program is divided in 5 sessions. The key actors of the first one will be OVERDI, which will present WP10 (Project Management), and SINTEF, which will present WP7 (Replicability and Impact Assessment).

In the second session, OVERDI and MAETRICS will start presenting WP5, focused on Monitoring & Commissioning. Then, VIAS will introduce its advances in WP4 with the first part of a workshop about demonstration. This will be followed by a general overview by VIAS; a KPIs calculation in Demos by all the partners; the Quality Management Plan drafts all together; the Methodology issues and application in Demo Sites by RIMOND; a Retrofitting Plan per each Demo definition and implementation by the APM tool guided by the full consortium; and the use of the APM tool in demos (Schedule and first provisional conclusions) directed by VIAS and OVERDI.

The Day 2 of the meeting will start with the second part of the Demonstration work package discussion. The partners will analyse the work progress and the achievements made until the 32nd month of the initiative. In this space, UNOTT will introduce the Demo Sites detail designs validation, VIAS the implementation in Demo Site 1, OBOS the implementation in Demo Site 2, OVERDI the implementation in Demo Site 3 and MAETRICS and ESTIA will present the integration of BEMs in these three pilots.

Following that, ESTIA will lead the session 4 with a discussion about WP3, which is about the Collaborative refurbishment ecosystem based on APM tool. The session will be finished with the APM platform demo sites application driven by the sites responsibles: OVERDI, ESTIA, VIAS and RIMOND.

The demo sites are residential buildings located in Madrid (Spain), Oslo (Norway) and Martellago (Italy) and have been chosen to cover 3 of the most usual residential building typologies in Europe and represent the most prevalent European climates (North-Continental, Central-Atlantic and South-Mediterranean).

Finally, this year’s meeting will have a session 5 that will be focused in three different work packages of REZBUILD Project: Business Modelling (WP6) by OVERDI, Dissemination, Communication, Training, Social Assessment and Ethics (WP8) by ZABALA, and Workshop Exploitation, IPR and Standardization (WP9) by ZABALA.

The REZBUILD Project, that started in 2017 and will continue until September 2021, is driven by a consortium led by Officinae Verdi Group (Italy). The initiative is also integrated by Vias y Construcciones (Spain), CARTIF (Spain), ESTIA (France), Comunidad de Madrid (Spain), Saint-Gobain Placo Iberica (Spain), ONYX Solar (Spain), SINTEF (Norway), OBOS (Norway), University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), Rimond (Italy), and ZABALA Innovation Consulting.