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The REZBUILD consortium meets on the first anniversary of the project

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The partners of the European project REZBUILD have gathered recently at the facilities of PLACO Saint-Gobain in Madrid sharing the progresses made during the first 12 months


The consortium partners of REZBUILD met recently at the facilities of Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica, one of the partners of the European project, on the first anniversary of the launch of the initiative. The day supposed a stage to share the progresses made during the first twelve months of the project and the discussions on the challenges that must be faced.

The European REZBUILD project is based on strategies such as the fight against climate change, the energy transition, the creation of quality and qualified employment in the construction and refurbishment sectors. Social aspects and challenges such as the energy poverty or the gentrification will be considered in this initiative funded by the Horizon2020 Programme of the European Commission.

The main objective is to define an innovative and collaborative renovation ecosystem to achieve Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) in Europe.

With the aim at achieving these goals, REZBUILD  will develop rehabilitation processes, through a tool that optimizes the execution time of the works using  BIM technologies, reducing the costs, and maximizing energy savings with different types of innovative solutions and developments.

The developments and technologies of the REZBUILD project will be tested in 3 multi-scale demo sites covering 3 out of 4 of the most usual residential building typologies in Europe and representing the most prevalent European climates (North-Continental, Central-Atlantic and South-Mediterranean). Residential buildings located in Madrid (Spain), Oslo (Norway) and Martellago (Italy) have been choosing by the project´s partners wit this aim.

The event in Madrid brought together the 13 partners of the consortium led by Officinae Verdi Group (Italy) and in which Vias y Construcciones, CARTIF, Comunidad de Madrid, Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica, ONYX Solar, Exploded View and ZABALA Innovation Consulting also participate (all from Spain), in addition to ESTIA (France), SINTEF (Norway), OBOS (Norway), University of Notthingham (United Kingdom) and Rimond (Italy).

The first day of the meeting the technical session was dedicated to the evolution of the different work packages (from WP1 to WP8) that includes the project. Discussions conducted made a special emphasis on the progresses during this first year and the challenges that have to be addressed.

The second day of the meeting served to face another technical session in which the evolution of work packages 9 and 10 was showcased. Once the part of the technical part of the project was updated, the partners visit the different prototypes and the facilities of Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica. After the break, a discussion table was held in and the meeting ended with the wrap up of the topics discussed and the conclusions.

Social acceptance and expected impacts

To achieve the European objectives, REZBUILD considers a number of challenges to renew and obtain NZEB buildings considering the technical, economic, social, environmental and legal dimensions. To do this, it will develop advanced technologies for the renovation of buildings in a platform of common knowledge for decision making. This platform will bring together all interested parties involved in the process of housing renovation, from designers, construction companies, researchers and industrialists, consumers, as well as public/private owners. The project includes measures of participation, information and commitment for all the value chain of the construction sector and citizens.


The initiative will promote innovation in the construction sector with the integration of technologies to achieve the objective of an annual renewal rate of 2.5%, above the current one, lower than the 1%.

In this sense, REZBUILD will base its renewal ecosystem on the integration of profitable technologies, business models and life cycle interaction in various types of residential renovation and interconnecting both the renovation stages of buildings and the agents involved in the whole process.

The expected impacts of REZBUILD are the following:

  • Reduction of at least 60% of energy consumption to achieve the goal of renovating buildings and ensuring that they are almost nil in terms of energy consumption.
  • Reduction of the execution time by at least 30% compared to a traditional restoration.
  • A period of amortization of the investment of less than 12 years and exceeding the requirement of the call (15 years).
  • Achieve a high potential for replication and high absorption capacity by the market.
  • Promotion of new business and employment opportunities based on the technologies developed in the project.

In this way, the demonstration experience in Madrid, together with those planned in Norway and Italy, will serve to validate if these objectives are met and housing buildings are replicated.

BY&FOR CITIZENS, urban regeneration and smart cities against climate change

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More than 250 experts gathered last 20th-21st September in BY&FOR CITIZENS, a conference about the smart regeneration of cities and regions in which REZBUILD project has taken part

REZBUILD project participated last 20th-21st September in BY&FOR CITIZENS, a congress about the importance of smart cities projects to promote a sustainable development, organized by the Institute for Business and Competitiveness of Castilla y León and CARTIF as partner of REZBUILD.

The event, celebrated in Valladolid (Spain), gathered local and national authorities, representatives from the European Commission and INEA, project coordinators and experts involved in smart city projects co-funded by Horizon 2020 and FP7 programmes of the EC.

Horizon 2020 programmes, as REZBUILD Project, had the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge, discuss the challenges of the urban transformation, Nearly Zero and positive Energy buildings and business models and, in definitive, come up with innovative solutions.

REZBUILD project has had a prominent role during the congress thanks to the intervention made by Angelo Giordano from our partner Officinae Verdi Group, whose contribution addressed REZBUILD project aim, especially from the economic and financial point of view. In the same occasion, CARTIF has provided detailed information about the REZBUILD project in its standwhile our partner ZABALA, also present in the event, provided its support.


Our partner CARTIF is a private technology centre offering innovative solutions to help companies to improve their competitiveness and create new business opportunities. Since the foundation, the priority of the centre is to contribute to the development of social and economic environment through the use of technological innovation. In REZBUILD Project, CARTIF will collaborate with VIAS in the development of the 3DP technology and will be responsible for LCA.


 Our partner Officinæ Verdi Group, created by UniCredit in Joint Venture with WWF, in the last years of activity has arranged investments for about 100 M€ in circular economy and energy efficiency operations. The Group has consolidated a high level of competence and know-how in the energy efficiency field for all business sectors such as real estate, infrastructures, retail, industrial and manufacturing, sport, smart cities, becoming the strategic partner of market leaders at national and international level.


REZBUILD Project web finalist of the .Eu Web Awards

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The winner will be announced at Brussels, Belgium, the next 21 of November


The next 21 of November will take place the final of .Eu Web Awards, a disctintion to laureate those European projects with the best web design in which REZBUILD is one of the finalist. The award was launched in 2014 by EURid and has five different categories: Leaders, Rising Stars, Laurels, The House of .EU and Better World.

In this case, REZBUILD Project website is fighting for the award in the category named “Better World”, a category for those website that represent green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organisations. After the popular nomination, a jury of experts will have to decide with their votes which they consider is the best.

 The winners will receive a trophy and certificate, personalized video produced by EURid for promotional purposes, Billboard advertising in Brussels Airport and 3 different icon formats for website and social media accounts.

 About the website

The REZBUILD ‘s website, which was designed following the mos innovative and visual tendencies, is the Media Hub of the project and a meeting place for the stakeholders, media and all those interested on it. It was planned to respond to all communication and dissemination needs of the project with a full responsive design.

One of the most outstanding feature of the website are the sections of “Public Participation” and “Education and Training”. They are meeting points to inform all the interested people and promote the interaction and the exchange of information between stakeholders.

About the project

REZBUILD project is an European initiative funded by the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme to define an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for transforming RE assets into Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) leaded by OVERDI.

BY&FOR CITIZENS, smart cities for sustainable development

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Next 20 and 21 of September will take place in Valladolid a conference about the smart regeneration of cities and regions and REZBUILD project will be there.

More than two third of European population lives in cities, so we can tell that towns are most important growth pole of our continent and it is all of us job to develop policies which promote a sustainable development with the aim to leave in legacy a better future to next generations.

In this context, REZBUILD project participates in BY&FOR CITIZENS, a congress about the importance of smart cities project to promote a sustainnable development organized by the Institute for Business and Competitiveness of Castilla y León and CARTIF as a partner of REZBUILD. It also ill count with the collaboration of the European Commission.

The date will be on 20 and 21 of September in Valladolid (Spain), and it has the aim to become a meeting point in which local and national authorities, representatives from European Commission and INEA, experts and project coordinators of project co-funded by Horizon 2020 programs related to smart city will expose their point or view about several topics like Nearly Zero and positive buildings, business models for smart and sustainable cities or best practices from real demostration cases.

Among the speakers, we could find prominent personalities like Luis Frauca, director for Cities and Innovation in EPTISA Engineering Services, Rosa Huertas, area director for Finance, Public Services and Economic Promotion in the municipality of Valladolid or Emilio M. Mitre, International Affairs director at Green Building Council España organization.

REZBUILD project is going to have prominent role during the congress with Angelo Giordano, from our partner OVERDI, as a official speaker to talk about what REZBUILD project is aiming at specially from the economic and financial activities point of view. On the other hand, CARTIF is going to install a stand about REZBUILD project and, by last but not the least, our partner Zabala also will be present in the event.

You can consult the programme on the website of the event, where you can also obtain all the information about the meeting.


Our partner CARTIF is a private technology centre to offer innovative solutions to help to companies to improve their competitiveness and create new business opportunities. The priority of the centre since its foundation is to contribute in the development of social and economic environment through the use of technological innovation. In REZBUILD Project, CARTIF will collaborate with VIAS in the development of the 3DP technology and it will also be responsible for LCA.

Workshop to make progress in WP3 activities

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  • Some REZBUILD partners met in Rome to analyse the activities developed in the framework of Work Packages 3.

REZBUILD consortium partners met from july 18th to july 19th in Rome for a technical workshop aimed at advancing in the technical development of WP3 activities within the Project. The Work Package is the one aimed at creating the ecosystem based on agile project management tools (APM).

WP3 “Collaborative refurbishment ecosystem based on agile project management tools”, is leaded by ESTIA and focuses on developing computer models for the optimisation of each technology, combination of technologies and solutions within the framework of the renovation process in each demo building. The Work Package will define an interactive and remote decision making tool as an all-in-one solution able to interconnect all the key phases of the refurbishment process. The activities will develop computer models for the simulation of the indoor environment in residential buildings, that is energy models carried out by the University of Nottingham. In addition, a  control strategy for an optimum operation of technologies and solutions will be addressed. All what just mentioned, together with the modelling and analysis of socio-economic aspects and LCA assessment, will be core to create a refurbishment ecosystem made of complementary, customized and stakeholders-oriented front-ends at the basis of the APM.

Estia, UNOTT and RIMOND discussed on models and developments, addressing the workflow of the WP together with the HUB tools and features and the interaction among the different modelling softwares.

The periodic meetings that are organized within the framework of the project among the participants of the different WPs are essential to guarantee the success of the project, as well as to encourage collaboration and information sharing.

REZBUILD Project, included in the 7th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review

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This yearly publication presents the progress of a portfolio of 168 European research projects aiming at developing new technologies for energy efficient buildings

The Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee of the ECTP has published the seventh edition of the EeB PPP Project Review. REZBUILD Project has been included in the new edition of the publication, which highlights current results and achieved or expected benefits of the EeB PPP projects.

This yearly publication presents the progress of a portfolio of 168 projects; 110 are co-funded within the EeB PPP under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) from 2010 to 2013 and 58,

among which is REZBUILD project, co-funded projects under the Horizon 2020 programme between 2014 and 2017.

Accordint to the report, the average Budget of H2020 EeB PPP Projects was 5.4M€ and 7  spin-offs & start ups resulting from cPPP projects has been launched. In addition, the average reduction of energy use due to the innovation was 18,7% and 223 systems & technologies has been developed by the cPPP projects.


EeB PPP Project Review


H2020 EeB PPP Impact – Key Performance Indicators


The projects included in the publication demonstrate scientific and technological excellence, across the whole value chain, from early stage conception to demonstration of almost ready-to-market innovations. The 168 projects are Categorised into 7 technology-clusters defined according to the construction-related research & innovation value chain from the EeB PPP Roadmap: Design, Technology Building Blocks, Advanced materials and nanotechnology, Construction process, Energy performance monitoring & management, ICT and BIM, in which REZBUILD has been included.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) appears in this context as an instrument to help the structuring, managing and integration of building projects’ information, facilitating the design, simulation, analysis and operation of energy efficient solutions.

All the projects presented in the brochure illustrate the diverse innovation approaches and the importance of embracing all aspects of the building and construction sectors.

The EeB PPP Project Review 2018 can be downloaded here.


About EeP PPP

 The Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB) Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the construction industry, represented by the Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee of the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP).

This initiative aims at promoting research on new methods and technologies to accelerate the process of reduction of energy use in new and retrofitted buildings and to improve the European industrial competitiveness. One of the contractual PPP commitments consists in monitoring the impact and exploitable outcomes generated by the projects.

New directive to promote energy efficiency in buildings

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European Council gave last may 14th his approval to the new directive on the energy performance of buildings

The European Council adopted on may 14th a revised directive on the energy performance of buildings, so completing the final stage in the legislative procedure.

What are the main novelties? This directive improves energy efficiency in buildings and encourages building renovation. Decarbonising the existing, highly inefficient European building stock is one of its long term goals.

In addition, the revised directive promotes cost-effective renovation work, introduces a smartness indicator for buildings, simplifies the inspections of heating and air conditioning systems and promotes electro-mobility by setting up a framework for parking spaces for electric vehicles.

As explained Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria, enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving the quality of life for all of us.

The review of the energy performance of buildings directive amends Directive 2010/31/EU and complements measures under the energy efficiency directive as well as EU legislation on energy efficiency of products. It is part of the Clean Energy package presented by the Commission on 30 November 2016.

You can consult more information in the press release issued by European Council.


REZBUILD website, nominated in the .eu Web Awards

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31th of May 2018

You can vote our Project in “Better World” category at the .eu Web Awards Website

We have good news! Our website, created with an innovative and visual design, has been nominated in the popular .eu Web Awards, an online competition launched in 2014 by EURid and designed to acknowledge the best websites, using the .eu or .ею extensions. The objective of this contest is to enhance the visibility of innovative, beautiful and impactful websites.

REZBUILD website will compete in “Better World” category, directed to websites that represent green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organisations.

If you think that our website is innovative and if you want to help us to attract new visitors to our site you can vote our Project in .eu Web Awards website: https://webawards.eurid.eu/

Thank you!


Our website

Our website is the Media Hub of REZBUILD Project as well as the meeting place for all stakeholders, Media and general public interested in the project.

The REZBUILD website is a full responsive content website and it has been created with specific objectives, which respond to the communication and dissemination needs of the project.

Among them, the most highlighted are the following:

  • An innovative visual identity that aligns with the spirit of the REZBUILD project. A wide variety of photographies of different buildings have been integrated to reforce the main message of REZBUILD.
  • With the aim of create a dynamic website, contents such as news and the calendar of events will be periodically updated.

It’s important to note that this H2020 initiative will create a community for social innovators related to construction sector across Europe with the aim of encouraging interaction and dialogue between the main stakeholders of the sector. In this sense, the website has two specific sections: “Public Participation” and “Education and Training”.

The section “Public Participation” aims to promote social innovation and public participation among all the stakeholders. This part of the website will inform about all the progress of the participatory processes and encourage interaction and exchange of information.

For that, the section is full of new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships and build new collaborations. Likewise, this section has a forum, where all the stakeholders can discuss about main topics related to construction sector.

In addition, the site has another specific section directed to deliver effective training and education programmes for industrialists (especially, SMEs), research infrastructures, as well as for to non-specialists to enable the uptake of technologies. This section, named “Education and Training”, is fully aligned with the spirit of the project, that aims to develop an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for Europe.


About .eu Web Awards

The nomination and voting period will run until 1 August, so you are on time to vote. The 3 websites undear each category with most votes will become the finalists, that will be revealed on 5 September. Winner will be announced at the gala on 21 November in Brussels.

The winners will receive the following prizes: a custom trophy and certificate, a custom video produced by EURid for promotional purposes, Billboard advertising in Brussels Airport and 3 different icon formats for websites and social media accounts.

The categories of the competition are:

-Better world: For websites that represent Green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organisations

-Leaders: For websites that represent established national businesses.

-Rising Stars: For websites that represent start-ups.

-Laurels: For websites that represent educational institutions, charitable organisations, or pan European projects.

-House of .eu: For websites that represent blogs, news outlets, and the media.

Officinæ Verdi Group participates in the last edition of REbuild Italia

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29th of May 2018

Our partner is going to take part in this international event that will be held from 29 to 30 May in Italy

Our partner Officinæ Verdi Group is going to attend REbuild, an international event wthat will take place from 29 to 30 May in Riva del Garda (Italy). This convention brings together every year different companies of the construction sector to put in common their experiences innovating and creating new models of sustainable buildings.

Officinæ Verdi Group, created by UniCredit in JV with WWF Italia Foundation, has gained a high level of competence and know-how in the green economy and energy efficiency sectors. For this reason, our partner will be participating in this event in order to learn about the new ideas and innovations that are rising up in the construction sector.

Besides presenting the company and its work, the event will be a good chance to briefly present REZBUILD Project and its main objectives. The Project is fully aligned with the present edition of the event, which looks at innovation as a tool capable of keeping together environmental sustainability and business growth, circular economy and rediscovered profitability.

In this sense, the main objective of REbuild 2018 is to outline models and solutions for a convergence between a renewed growth in the construction sector and the pursuit of ambitious environmental and social objectives.

About REbuild

REbuild 2018 is an event where different stakeholders can find the best case studies in Italy and across the world and attend several talks of foreign speakers to hear firsthand experiences.

One of the main topics addressed will be the decarbonisation of buildings, an important issue to which we have to pay attention if we want to reach a more sustainable environment. During the event, there are other conferences related to green infrastructures, modern methods of construction and visits to the demo area, a travelling session that will explore new technologies and products, verifying how they operate and their functionality.

Since its first edition, REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. The highly focused sessions and discussions on business cases and market opportunities give attendees a clear understanding of the innovation trends and opportunity of the sector.

Read here the 2018 Convention Program

Official visit to Norwegian demo site

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14th of May 2018

Consortium partners had last april an internal meeting to keep collaborating on the Project and visit our demo building located in Oslo

REZBUILD consortium partners met from april 10th to april12th in Oslo with the objective of advancing in the collaboration of the Project and identify the opportunities and challenges in the framework of the initiative. In addition, the partners visited our demo building located in the Norwegian city.

After six monts from REZBUILD’s kick off meeting in Rome, this internal meeting was a good chance to keep collaborating on the Project, in order to share the status of each Work Package with the EU Project Officer and the whole team.

The internal meeting included a visit to the Project demo site in Oslo, located in Bertramjordet housing cooperative, one of the three demonstrative actions of the Project. Representatives of consortium partners, with the owners of the houses living that will be refurbished within the framework of the project, had the chance to know all the details about the refurbishment methodology that is going to be validated.

The neighbors also had the chance to attend a workshop that was held on April 10th. This event aimed to raise awareness on the impacts of the project among the final users and detect any potential social risk deriving from its implementation.

The dwelling selected for the demonstration in Norway is an appartment block building located in Bertramjordet. The housing cooperative is a suitable site for demonstrating the expected higher efficiency of BIPV in cold climate and good utilization of aerogel insulation.

The goal of the renovation is the reduction of more than 60% in consumption and cost of energy, improving comfort for the tenants and making the building energy performance as a key element of the total property value.

REZBUILD will develop one refurbishment ecosystem based on the integration of cost-effective technologies, business models and life cycle interaction for deep NZEB renovation. These refurbishment ecosystem and technologies will be also validated and optimized in Madrid (Spain) and Venice (Italy). In recent months, representatives of consortium partners have visited these demonstration experiences.