The piece explains in a illustrative way the main aspects of the project.

REZBUILD project is now on video! The new audiovisual piece explains in a illustrative way the main aspects of this European initiative, launched in 2018 for the development of an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for Europe.

As explained in the video, nowadays almost half of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is in buildings (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive-European Comission). Not only that, only 0,3-1,2% of building stock is renovated each year.

In this context, the video tells how the project was born, aligned with the strategic objectives of the European Union: reduce the total energy consumption by 5-6% and lower CO2 emissions by about 5%. More renovation of existing buildings has the potential to lead to significant energy savings.

NZEB renovation methodologies are required as key enablers of energy-efficient buildings. In this context, REZBUILD Project will address this challenge by opening the construction sector through the integration of innovative technologies.  

During the lifetime of project, a set of advanced refurbishment technologies selected at project proposal stage will be developed: new generation of BIPV solutions, super-thermal insulating systems, SAHP pumps, high-performance radiant floor, advanced BEMs and additive manufacturing technologies. These technologies are going to be  tested and optimized through an accurate product development strategy.

The video focuses also in the participate processes that are going to be launched in the framework of the project to create a social innovation community at local level. In this context, this H2020 initiative will create a community for social innovators related to construction sector with the aim of encouraging interaction and dialogue between the main stakeholders of the sector across Europe.

The participative processes carried out within the framework of the project will be implemented through a methodology for decision making processes which involves all the relevant expertise in the process

All the details about project, technologies, our partners and the demo sites are explained in this video. If you want to see more press play button and enjoy!