• Some REZBUILD partners met in Rome to analyse the activities developed in the framework of Work Packages 3.

REZBUILD consortium partners met from july 18th to july 19th in Rome for a technical workshop aimed at advancing in the technical development of WP3 activities within the Project. The Work Package is the one aimed at creating the ecosystem based on agile project management tools (APM).

WP3 “Collaborative refurbishment ecosystem based on agile project management tools”, is leaded by ESTIA and focuses on developing computer models for the optimisation of each technology, combination of technologies and solutions within the framework of the renovation process in each demo building. The Work Package will define an interactive and remote decision making tool as an all-in-one solution able to interconnect all the key phases of the refurbishment process. The activities will develop computer models for the simulation of the indoor environment in residential buildings, that is energy models carried out by the University of Nottingham. In addition, a  control strategy for an optimum operation of technologies and solutions will be addressed. All what just mentioned, together with the modelling and analysis of socio-economic aspects and LCA assessment, will be core to create a refurbishment ecosystem made of complementary, customized and stakeholders-oriented front-ends at the basis of the APM.

Estia, UNOTT and RIMOND discussed on models and developments, addressing the workflow of the WP together with the HUB tools and features and the interaction among the different modelling softwares.

The periodic meetings that are organized within the framework of the project among the participants of the different WPs are essential to guarantee the success of the project, as well as to encourage collaboration and information sharing.