This yearly publication presents the progress of a portfolio of 168 European research projects aiming at developing new technologies for energy efficient buildings

The Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee of the ECTP has published the seventh edition of the EeB PPP Project Review. REZBUILD Project has been included in the new edition of the publication, which highlights current results and achieved or expected benefits of the EeB PPP projects.

This yearly publication presents the progress of a portfolio of 168 projects; 110 are co-funded within the EeB PPP under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) from 2010 to 2013 and 58,

among which is REZBUILD project, co-funded projects under the Horizon 2020 programme between 2014 and 2017.

Accordint to the report, the average Budget of H2020 EeB PPP Projects was 5.4M€ and 7  spin-offs & start ups resulting from cPPP projects has been launched. In addition, the average reduction of energy use due to the innovation was 18,7% and 223 systems & technologies has been developed by the cPPP projects.


EeB PPP Project Review


H2020 EeB PPP Impact – Key Performance Indicators


The projects included in the publication demonstrate scientific and technological excellence, across the whole value chain, from early stage conception to demonstration of almost ready-to-market innovations. The 168 projects are Categorised into 7 technology-clusters defined according to the construction-related research & innovation value chain from the EeB PPP Roadmap: Design, Technology Building Blocks, Advanced materials and nanotechnology, Construction process, Energy performance monitoring & management, ICT and BIM, in which REZBUILD has been included.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) appears in this context as an instrument to help the structuring, managing and integration of building projects’ information, facilitating the design, simulation, analysis and operation of energy efficient solutions.

All the projects presented in the brochure illustrate the diverse innovation approaches and the importance of embracing all aspects of the building and construction sectors.

The EeB PPP Project Review 2018 can be downloaded here.


About EeP PPP

 The Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB) Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the construction industry, represented by the Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee of the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP).

This initiative aims at promoting research on new methods and technologies to accelerate the process of reduction of energy use in new and retrofitted buildings and to improve the European industrial competitiveness. One of the contractual PPP commitments consists in monitoring the impact and exploitable outcomes generated by the projects.