23th of January 2018

This H2020 iniciative will launch participative processes with the aim of creating a social innovation community at local level

REZBUILD Project is much more than a research and innovation project. This H2020 initiative will create a community for social innovators related to construction sector across Europe with the aim of encouraging interaction and dialogue between the main stakeholders of the sector.

In this sense, a dialogue regarding best practices will be established at European level, involving the relevant transnational organisations. This aims to be an indispensible resource providing the latest information on European social innovation (a clearinghouse featuring interviews with prominent innovators, case studies of successful ventures, the latest research, and in-depth analysis from the leading thinkers in the field).



The participative processes carried out within the framework of the project will be implemented through a methodology for decision making processes which involves all the relevant expertise in the process. All the stakeholders are involved in the Project, such as local communities, citizens, researchers, private sector, local authorities and policy makers.

The main objective is to help create a context where innovative solutions can more effectively contribute towards an innovative and collaborative refurbishement ecosystem for Europe

To inform about all the progress of the participatory processes and to encourage interaction and exchange of information, the Rezbuild website has a specific section dedicated to public participation and social innovation, full of new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships and build new collaborations.